Who we are?

Founded in 1991 in Finland, Bellamer Company has established itself as a leading player in the marine technology industry, driven by a relentless pursuit of quality. With over 32 years of experience, we have cultivated expertise in three core business areas: Marina Technology, Yachts Manufacture and Sales, Hospitality business. While each segment operates independently, they synergistically draw inspiration from one another, enabling us to offer unparalleled products and services to our valued customers.
At Bellamer, customer satisfaction is our paramount focus, and this dedication has fueled continuous design innovations throughout our journey. By placing our customers at the forefront of everything we do, we strive to anticipate and meet their evolving needs effectively. Our commitment to excellence and unwavering customer-centric approach have solidified our position as a trusted partner in the marine technology industry.
With a rich history and a robust portfolio, Bellamer is uniquely positioned to deliver cutting-edge solutions and exceptional experiences to our discerning clientele. We look forward to building lasting relationships and exceeding expectations as we embark on future endeavors together.


Houseboat Finland

Houseboat Finland offers unforgettable experiences in the heart of Finnish Lakeland. Would you like to spend your next holiday on a peaceful lake, in the pure nature and pristine wilderness of Finland? With our houseboats you can freely float along the waterways, drifting as you may. On a Houseboat you can easily get to great fishing spots, beaches or discover different Finnish villages and towns along the lakes. All while living in the comfort of a first class summer cottage. Rent or buy your own houseboat now!

Nordic Season Houseboats

Since 2014, Nordic Season Houseboats have been guided by the simple philosophy that houseboats should be an affordable pleasure.  Your boat should be easy to buy, easy to enjoy, and easy to maintain. The boats are designed and built to combine the best boating and residential construction Eco Friendly materials and methods.


Boatman Group

Boatman group is a full service marina and fishing center in Helsinki. During a sunny summer day visit our lovely restaurant and have a drink or snack. There is also a boat gear storage where you can find all the necessary parts for your boat or you can repair your boat in here as well. We also provide a place for you boat in summer and winter time. If you are interested in fishing join us in our fishing trips.



Caretta Caravan

Caretta caravan is a spacious and compact teardrop caravan. Because of the size and specification, it offers the best value for money on the market today. Camping and offroading has never been this much fun.  Each model is built by craftsmen to exacting specifications. The ergonomic design maximises space for comfortable living with plenty of storage.

Marina construction

Oy Bellamer Ltd manufactures a full spectrum of equipment for marinas and individual moorings. We specialize in manufacturing pontoon moorings based on both small concrete floats with wooden framework and heavy concrete pontoons.

Why choose Bellamer



Our programme includes the complete planning of harbour installations. We draw on experienced specialists in all areas of marina design and installation both in-house and outside to provide the best solution for your harbour needs. We also take care of all contacts with governmental authorities so you can focus on your business. We provide simpler design proposals free of charge making your decision easier.



Skilled designers using up-to-date technical resources ensure that the installations and products are of the highest standard. Specialist designs can also be catered for.



No harbour can be made completely maintenance-free, however careful you are when selecting materials at the design stage. Periodic maintenance provides the most economical solution and we offer regular, organised maintenance inspections including a thorough report, proposals specifying any measures that may need to be taken, and an estimate of the cost.



Installation of our products are done by professional and skilled personnel utilising the latest technology to ensure many years of trouble free service.


Need more information?

For information on Bellamer’s range of products, please contact us. Remember to mention the product category of interest.

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